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The O.C.

...an RPG

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oc_rp is the first The O.C. RPG (Role Playing Game) on LiveJournal. It's a non-conventional RPG in the sense that an RP-er does not need to stay true to the plot of the show (more on that later). The O.C. RPG is based on the hit FOX television show, The O.C..
Basic Story
Orange County, California, is an idyllic paradise -- a wealthy, harbor-front community where everything and everyone appears to be perfect. But beneath the surface is a world of shifting loyalties and identities, of kids living secret lives, hidden from their parents, and of parents living secret lives, hidden from their children.
This RPG is unconventional in the sense that when in character, you do not necessarily have to follow the exact timeline/plot that is set in the television show (although you are free to do so, it is recommended that you do not). The reason for this is to inspire creative, intellectual storylines. Feel free to create stories, experiences, and adventures for the character that you play. Although we do want to create an atmosphere that encourages the pursuit of new elements of each character, you must be true to the character's being.
Ground Rules
» oc_rp Posting: This community is for posting important announcements, leave of absences, and any other MAJOR announcement that every player should know.

» Journal Activity: If you don't update your character's journal for two weeks, you're kicked out unless you're on vacation or have given notice to the moderator. Going to be away? It'd be in your best interest to let us know!

» Characterization: You MUST stay true to your character's personality. You are welcome (and in fact encouraged: see Philosophy) to expand upon the relationships, experiences (past, present, future), situations, adventures, of your characters. Just be sure to stay true to the character, and not necessarily the television show's plot! The point of this role-playing game is not to mimic the television show. Here you have full creative freedom (to some extent). Your job is to stay true to the character and not to the plot! Use your writing skills to create new adventures, stories, & experiences for your character; be sure to keep them all within an acceptable range of character.

» Relationships: Slash is welcome, but certainly not required. However, if you are going to slash your character, be sure to be as realistic as possible with it. It may also be a good idea to check with one of the RP's Mod's before making the decision to slash. Once again, stay true to the essence of your character!

Characters Currently In Use*:

Ryan Atwood: ryan_atwood
Seth Cohen: seth_cohen
Jimmy Cooper: jimmy_cooper
Summer Roberts: summer_roberts
Anna Stern: anna_stern
Luke Ward: luke_ward
Kirsten Cohen: kirsten_cohen

* This is not necessarily an updated list.
Ready to claim a character and start role-playing? Go and post on the appropriate post using the form provided.

Be sure to have at least one role-play example on hand. oc_rp only accepts mature & talented individuals. We will not accept you if you "tipe like diz," spell an large number of words correctly. We apologize, but we do this for the benefit of all.

What is a sample RP? A link to an entry, or one you just type on the spot which shows off not only your ability to write "in-character," but also your ability to be creative, imaginative, but moreover, your ability to write!

RP/Community Moderator: