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::is pissed, thinks better of it, is militant::

I have decided that this RPG will start NOW.

RYAN: Yours is the first post. Get cracking.
SETH: I already talked to you, darling.
MARISSA: Wait, that's me. I'll post after either Ryan or Seth does.
SUMMER: Post after either Marissa or Seth does.
LUKE: Post after Marissa has posted.
ANNA: Feel free to start anytime after Ryan's post.
JIMMY: Also feel free to start anytime after Ryan's post.

EVERYONE: If you have questions or suggestions, comment on this post or email me (bentandjaded is still officially off-duty until tomorrow) at
Please go ahead and seek out other members to fill the other characters we have available if you want to. They can post on my last non-Ryan App entry or in the first entry of this comunity in order to apply.

Thanks everyone! I know this'll be a blast!
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