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Take Three

I believe all of the journals have been created, so when you apply and are accepted I will e-mail you the password to your journal. Please be sure to read the user information of this community so you are up-to-date with the rules/ways of this community.

Some of the journals haven't generated the code for being 1-week old. We need these codes to create more journals and/or reemburse the people who gave us the original codes. We do know which journal havn't genereated their codes yet, so please send them along when they show up.

Taken :
Summer Roberts
Marissa Cooper
Seth Cohen
Luke Ward
Anna Stern
Jimmy Cooper

Up for Grabs (w/ Journal) :
Dawn Atwood
Ryan Atwood
Trey Atwood
Sandy Cohen
Kirsten Cohen
Kaitlin Cooper

If you want to RP comment with the form below. Be sure to check the community userinfo to get the rules, available journals, etc.

Character name :
E-mail Address :
RP example :
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